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Copenhagen-based Ganni has been quietly making waves in the fashion industry over the past few years, becoming a bit of a cult label and one of the Scandinavian brands to watch. That effortlessly cool and stylish blogger you follow on Instagram? She’s probably wearing Ganni. This brand is all about the female – taking inspiration from icons through the ages and mixing vintage and contemporary designs to celebrate and empower women, as well as individuality. It’s new and it’s fresh, and that’s something we have creative director Ditte Reffstrup to thank for. We sat down with her to talk about Ganni, the AW15 collection, and Copenhagen style.

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  1. Shirt Dress
    Ganni Shirt Dress BROWN
  2. Wrap Dress
    Ganni Wrap Dress BLACK
  3. Tech Down Jacket
    Ganni Tech Down Jacket BEIGE
  4. Seersucker Check Blouse
    Ganni Seersucker Check Blouse TIGERS EYE
  5. Cotton Poplin Shirt
    Ganni Cotton Poplin Shirt WHITE
  6. Tech Fabric Bag
    Ganni Tech Fabric Bag KALAMATA
  7. Tech Fabric Fanny Pack
    Ganni Tech Fabric Fanny Pack KALAMALA
  8. Seersucker Check Dress
    Ganni Seersucker Check Dress TIGERS EYE
  9. Pleated Georgette Dress
    Ganni Pleated Georgette Dress LEOPARD
  10. Silk Linen Dress
    Ganni Silk Linen Dress BLACK
  11. SeerSucker Check Dress
    Ganni SeerSucker Check Dress NEON MAIZE
  12. Light Stretch Cotton Shirt
    Ganni Light Stretch Cotton Shirt BLOCK
  13. Light Stretch Cotton Dress
    Ganni Light Stretch Cotton Dress BLOCK
  14. Light Stretch Cotton Skirt
    Ganni Light Stretch Cotton Skirt BLOCK
  15. Silk Linen Shorts
    Ganni Silk Linen Shorts BLACK
  16. Satin Scarf
    Ganni Satin Scarf ROYALE
  17. Satin Scarf Eclipse
    Ganni Satin Scarf Eclipse ECLIPSE
  18. Leather Multi Bag
    Ganni Leather Multi Bag MULTI
  19. Leather Lemon Bag
    Ganni Leather Lemon Bag LEMON
  20. Leather Fiery Bag
    Ganni Leather Fiery Bag FIERY RED
  21. Cotton Poplin Shirt
    Ganni Cotton Poplin Shirt WHITE
  22. Light Ripstop Dress
    Ganni Light Ripstop Dress ALOE
  23. Sequins Dress
    Ganni Sequins Dress SILVER
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  24. Julliard Mohair Knit Rose
    Ganni Julliard Mohair Knit Rose MARYS ROSE
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Items 1-24 of 33

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