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Orit Elhanati launched her first fine jewellery line in 2012, and her aesthetic universe and unique craftsmanship recurrently creates enchanting jewellery appreciated by international retailers and press worldwide, winning the ELLE AWARDS as best Danish Jewellery Designer in 2015. Orit Elhanati resides in Copenhagen, Denmark handcrafting magical and timeless pieces of jewellery, inspired by her Middle Eastern & Nordic background. Working exclusively in 18K gold studded with diamonds, opals, rubies, emerald, spinels and sapphires Orit Elhanati tells unique stories that inspire and last a lifetime. Each piece is handmade in Copenhagen, using only the highest quality materials and is texture-rich, organic in form inspired by Middle Eastern culture, nature and Nordic lightness, created from feelings and pure intuition, resulting in raw, sculptural and mesmerizing creations that come packed with history.

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  1. Roxy Tag Bracelet
    ELHANATI Roxy Tag Bracelet GOLD
  2. Roxy Petite Tag
    ELHANATI Roxy Petite Tag GOLD
  3. Roxy Hoop Big
    ELHANATI Roxy Hoop Big GOLD
  4. Roxy Green Eye Necklace
    ELHANATI Roxy Green Eye Necklace GOLD
  5. Drawn Medium Ring
    ELHANATI Drawn Medium Ring GOLD
  6. Drawn Big Ring
    ELHANATI Drawn Big Ring GOLD
  7. Roxanne Earring (Single)
    ELHANATI Roxanne Earring GOLD
  8. Ora Bracelet
    ELHANATI Ora Bracelet GOLD
  9. Veneda Bracelet
    ELHANATI Veneda Bracelet GOLD
  10. Palma Bracelet Big
    ELHANATI Palma Bracelet Big GOLD
  11. Miami Necklace
    ELHANATI Miami Necklace GOLD
  12. Paris Ring
    ELHANATI Paris Ring GOLD
  13. Cario Ring
    ELHANATI Cairo Ring GOLD
  14. Drawn Ring Gold Str. 53
    ELHANATI Drawn Ring GOLD
  15. Drawn Opal Drop Ørering Gold Str. Onesize
    ELHANATI Drawn Opal Drop Ørering GOLD
  16. Drawn Halskæde
    ELHANATI Drawn Halskæde GOLD
  17. FOUR Ear Clips Ørering Gold Str. ONESIZE
    ELHANATI FOUR Ear Clips Ørering GOLD
  18. Pink Sky Long Drop Halskæde Gold Str. ONESIZE
    ELHANATI Pink Sky Long Drop Halskæde GOLD
  19. Pink Sky Ring
    ELHANATI Pink Sky Ring MULTI
  20. Opal Eye Ring
    ELHANATI Opal Eye Ring WHITE
  21. Dancing Drop Ørering Gold Str. ONESIZE
    ELHANATI Dancing Drop Ørering GOLD
  22. Neptune Sky Ring
    ELHANATI Neptune Sky Ring WHITE
  23. Sky Halskæde Lille Gold Str. ONESIZE
    ELHANATI Sky Halskæde Small GOLD
  24. Sky Halskæde Stor Gold Str. ONESIZE
    ELHANATI Sky Halskæde Big GOLD
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Items 1-24 of 47

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