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Saks Potts

Saks Potts is a Copenhagen-based outerwear brand launched in 2014 by Cathrine Saks and Barbara Potts. Their designs represent unusual aestherics, playful colours and delicate materials all in high quality. The collections are not based on short-termed trends but work beautifully across seasons, which make the Saks Potts items extremely applicble in any wardrobe. Saks Potts is an award-winning brand with two Elle style awards: "unavoidable of the year" (2015) and brand of the year" (2018) .

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  1. Dorthe Leather Jacket
    Saks Potts Dorthe Leather Jacket BLACK
  2. Lis SP Cool Blouse
    Saks Potts Lis SP Cool Blouse White
  3. Saya Shimmer Blouse
    Saks Potts Saya Shimmer Blouse ORANGE
  4. Oxygen Multi Color Swimsuit
    Saks Potts Oxygen Multi Color Swimsuit MULTI
  5. Lissi Shimmer Pants
    Saks Potts Lissi Shimmer Pants ORANGE
  6. Lissi Multi Color Pants
    Saks Potts Lissi Multi Color Pants MULTI
  7. Detox Yin Yang Bikini
    Saks Potts Detox Yin Yang Bikini WHITE
  8. Circus Dress
    Saks Potts Circus Dress YELLOW
    Special Price €139.36 Regular Price €348.40
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